Wirelessly display your WODs, leaderboards, and more anywhere in the gym
  • 5 different screens to choose from
  • Cast wirelessly via a Google Chromecast device
  • Included in all btwb gym subscriptions
A screen for any occasion

Select from 5 different screen options from showcasing your gym's WODs to displaying newly set personal records

  • Replace your whiteboard with a virtual leaderboard
  • Keep members up-to-date with scrolling activity feeds
  • Highlight members with PR Board and Committed Club
Make each screen your own

Choose from a variety of customization options ranging from color selection to number of WODs to display

  • Adjust text size for viewing experience
  • 7 different color options
  • Include preset demo GIFs for movement instruction
Launch WODscreen in less than a minute directly from the btwb mobile app

Cast to any screen in your gym or garage with a Google Chromecast device

  • Chromecast devices available for as low as $29.99
  • No messy wires
  • OR connect a computer to a tv screen and launch via
Set up your WODscreen today!

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